Shared folders on iPad, Mac and

 The iPadOS 13.4 and the latest Mac update allows you to share folders with colleagues. It's a feature which lots of us have been waiting for, no longer do we have to collaborate every single Pages, Keynote or Numbers document. It is worth noting that everyone you are sharing with needs to be on the latest software version, so make sure that eveyone is up to date in Settings first.

In Folders (on iCloud drive) you can click the share folder icon and set up a shared folder which can give collaboration rights to all those who are added to it ( make sure your settings are set to 'People you invite can make changes' , but if you don't want his option then change permissions to 'View only' ). This will give anyone that you invite access to any file that is placed in it. 

You can also press the shared folder icon directly in the iWork apps themselves. If you make a shared folder in Keynote, for example, it will seamlessly also appear in your iCloud drive section of Pages, Numbers and GarageBand too (the Folders view in these apps ) You can also make them on

Teachers can now have all of their resources for the week in one place. Keynote and Pages documents can now be stored AND shared with co-workers under one folder heading ( a topic for example or a set of weekly plans and resources). Collaboration can happen in real time and single documents won't need to be re-shared. 


Here is our quick demonstration video with more information on how to create and share a folder. 

Happy collaborating! Stay safe.