iPadOS - Using the new shortcuts app to create a visualiser

Just recently, I’ve found myself using the markup tool with the camera a lot to show things on the screen. Having to go into the camera roll and then press a few buttons to get to the markup tool seemed to be a cumbersome task. So I decided to explore the new Shortcuts App built into iPadOS. At first I tried to make a shortcut into the mark up tool from the camera roll and, although this worked, the picture was far to small as it opened in a pop up window. I then investigated shortcuts further and found I could make a shortcut become an icon on my home screen, like an app. This then lead me down the road to creating my own visualiser shortcut which opened the camera, allowed me to take a picture and then open it into full screen markup. This worked well but I found the picture wasn’t saved and I might actually need the picture saved. Therefore, I edited the shortcut further to save the marked up picture into my camera roll. To manage this, I decided to have them saved directly into a folder called visualiser! So now I have a working visualiser app just using the built in tools in iPadOS! Here’s the finished result.

If you would like to create this shortcut yourself and have your own visualiser app using the in built iPadOS tools follow the steps below. Please note you must have iPadOS installed with the new shortcuts app for this to work.

  1. Go into your camera roll and create a new album called visualiser.
  2. Open the Shortcuts App and select create a new shortcut.
  3. Press media at the top left, then select take photo.
  4. Scroll down and select markup.
  5. Scroll down again and select save image then change the album from recents to the new visualiser album.
  6. Press the 3 dots next to the shortcut title and name it, then select add to home screen, name and select an image if required.
  7. That’s it now you have a home screen icon that creates a visualiser. Enjoy.