ICT Consultation for Schools


With the ever-changing nature of technology sometimes schools need advice to help point them in the right direction. Therefore we offer a free ICT consultation for schools service. So whether you need a new piece of software, hardware, iPads, networking, servers or even a new ICT Suite/Trolley we can help. We keep up to date with new technologies and ideas so you don't have too. Find out about some of the ways our ICT consultation for schools service can help you below or Contact Us now to get your session started.



Sometimes you may want to discuss an idea or talk over how you can improve things. This could be about anything from improving your broadband to creating a 3 year ICT plan. A simple meeting with an ICT expert can help you clarify ideas. Our ICT consultation service can help you with this. We can come and see you or have a Skype session to discuss ideas or improvements for ICT in your school.

Project Management

Deciding that you want to have a new ICT suite or implement iPads is only the start. Taking on a big ICT project for any school can be a daunting task. Having an ICT expert manage the project can ensure you get what you want at the right price. Our ICT Consultation services can help you with this by discussing the requirements, putting together a plan for you, negotiating with leading distributors to get you the best prices, carry out a professional installation/setup and finally ensuring your staff are fully trained.


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As all schools are unique and have different requirements we can tailor out ICT consultation services to your needs. You may want to combine some of the options above or have other ideas for a consultation session. No matter how big or small your needs we are always happy to help with a professional and friendly ICT consultation. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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