A schools broadband/Internet connection is one of the most important services a school needs. It creates the connection between the school and the world! However, choosing the right internet connection and services like filtering, firewall and DNS to go with it can be a jargon-filled nightmare. Over the last several years we have helped many schools find their new broadband provider. During this time we have always found one provider to come out on top. This is schoolsbroadband. We have therefore decided to partner with schoolsbroadband so we can offer the best broadband services and internet connections for schools alongside our support and managed services.

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Internet Connection

We will ensure you get a reliable, uncontended/guaranteed, fast and cost-effective Internet connection for your school. We will talk to you about your current system and your future plans/needs. We will then help you find the right speed and solution for your school. The type of solutions available at the moment are Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet (EoFTTC) and Leased Line. This enables you to have a connection with anything from 20MB Download to 1000MB Download speeds and upload speeds from 10MB upto 1000MB. Speeds are always dependent on your location and we will also tell you the speeds available in your area and which speed is best for you.

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Broadband Services

Having a good internet connection for your school is just the start. You also need to have several broadband services to go with it. This starts with a good firewall and with schoolsbroadband you get a cloud hosted Fortinet Firewall. This helps block unwanted Internet traffic and protects your computer systems from cyber attacks. Next you need a good Web Filter. This needs to monitor all of your Internet traffic and ensure unwanted content doesn't get through. Plus you need to be able to see reports on blocked traffic and who's doing what to ensure your pupils are protected. The schoolsbroandband service offers a cloud hosted best in class Lightspeed Systems web filter. Further to these services you may wish to have extra services like Domain Name Hosting for your school's website and email addresses. Web site hosting if you host/run your own website. An email system for your staff and pupils to use. All of these are included for free as part of your schoolsbroadband package.

Why get a schoolsbroadband package through us?

We have spent many years working with schools to help them find the best broadband connection. During this time we have discussed, investigated and worked with many different broadband providers and ISP's for schools. This has lead us to partnering with schoolsbroadband as they have come out on top in many areas including connection, filtering and support. What's more by purchasing the schoolsbroadband package through us you get a local friendly and knowledgeable company to support you along the way. We can visit you and do face to face lightspeed (filtering) training or even manage your web filter for you. We are on hand for support and can assist you with sorting out problems by liaising directly with the schoolsbroandband support team on your behalf. So we bring you all the benefits of schoolsbroadband with the added local touch!

Further Information

If you would like more information about the connections, packages, security and filtering services available through schoolsbroadband please visit our schoolsbroadband FAQ page.

What next?

If you're unhappy with your current supplier or your schools broadband connection or internet services are up for renewal in the next 12 months we would love to hear from you. Please contact us and we can give you more information or arrange visits and demos for you.