5 things we love about ipadOS


1) Zip files don't need third party apps

Woo hoo! We’ve been waiting for this one! It makes handling zip files ( of which there are lots in education!) so much easier to handle. The safari download manager downloads the zip file…

...and then, in the download manager, you can uncompress.

2) You can split screen two of the same app (ish)

Currently only a few of these work (Safari, Notes, Messages)  but we are hoping the next keynote/pages update includes those two.

3) Folders

The new ipadOS lets you make folders in keynotes. Very handy for putting all your weekly resources in one place! You can’t share the folder just yet though. You CAN, however, make a folder and share/collaborate in Notes. Can’t wait to see this feature in keynote.

4) Markup tools

Brand new markup tools are here on ipadOS. Not only do they look really smart but you can also now mark up straight over a webpage. Go to the share button in the top right hand corner and scroll down to the markup tool. You can then save your marked up file straight to pages, keynote or Google Drive. Don’t like the toolbar at the bottom? Then you can also drag it to another position on your screen.

5)Desktop browsing in Safari

ipadOs allows for a full browsing experience of desktop websites in safari. For example, Google Docs and Slides are not condensed anymore but show the full screen.