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ICT Technician Support for Schools and Academies


ICT systems are one of the most important parts of a school and are highly relied upon on a daily basis. It is very important to ensure these systems are well maintained and that someone is available to fix them if things go wrong. We have over 16 years experience working with various ICT systems in primary schools including Windows, Apple, Google and RM. As all schools are unique we offer a range of ICT Technician support packages for schools that can be combined and tailored to meet your schools needs.

Remote ICT Technician Support

Sometimes a problem can be fixed by one of our technicians remoting into your system and taking control of your screen. This helps saves time and gets you back up and running fast. We can also setup servers to allow us to remote in during out of hours to carry out server updates and maintenance. This ensures everything keeps running smoothly without you even noticing.

ICTtechie ICT Support for schools remote technician support

ICTtechie - ICT Technician Ad hoc Support - keyboard

Adhoc ICT Technician Call Out

Some problems need an on site visit. We don’t charge a call out fee or have any minimum time requirements. If you have a major problem or just need a bit of extra support we can normally arrange a one off ICT support visit to get things sorted.

Weekly/Bi-Weekly ICT Technician Visits

The best way to keep a system running smoothly is to have a weekly/bi-weekly ICT technician support visit for an agreed amount of time (minimum 3.5 hours). We can setup agreements on a termly or annual basis. We will invoice you monthly so you don’t have to pay any upfront costs. This gives you peace of mind knowing someone is going to visit at an agreed time and allows us to ensure your ICT systems are well maintained/fix any problems that have arisen since our last visit.

ICTtechie - ICT Technician Support weekly visit

ICTtechie Bespoke ICT technician support

Bespoke ICT Technician Support

Do you have other ideas or require something a little unique for your ICT support? Would you like a combination of the above? No worries! We can put together an ICT technician support package that suits you.


As all primary schools are unique we prefer to talk through prices with you either face to face or over the phone. This allows you to tell us a bit about your school and allows us to get a feel for your needs/requirements so we can give you the right price and ICT technician support package. However to give you an idea, for a standard full day, term time only, on a rolling yearly contract, prices start from £25 per hour.