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ICT Installation for Schools


Schools often purchase new equipment that requires installing into a room like a touchscreen, wifi or setting up a new server. We offer a professional and friendly ICT installation service at affordable prices. Whether you buy the equipment from us or someone else we will ensure everything is installed to the highest standard.

Wifi and Network Installation

A good network infrastructure is a very important part any schools ICT system. If a cable isn’t working correctly or a switch is incorrectly setup this can really slow down the flow of information around your network. We offer many network installation for schools services from repairing a connection to new cabling in a room or even setting up VLANs. However network cabling is only the start to a good ICT network. With many schools using mobile technologies an excellent wifi installation is also key. We offer many wifi installation for schools services from simple wifi extensions to whole new school wifi installations using the latest technologies ensuring full coverage of your school.

ICTtechie - Newtwork and wifi installations for schools

ICTtechie Touchscreen IWB Projector Installations

Touchscreen and Projector, Interactive Whiteboard Installations

Every classroom needs a way to display information in the room to the students. Many schools are now replacing projectors and Interactive Whiteboards with Touchscreen Installations. However these can still be to expensive for some schools and they prefer to stick with the traditional projector and interactive whiteboard installation. So we offer installation services for both options with a fully trunked cable run and wall plate.

Server Installation

A good server is a vital part of any schools system. They are often used in many different ways from sharing files to remote virtual desktops. We offer a fast friendly and affordable server installation for schools service. This could be any type of server installation from a domain controller to a fully virtualized server system.

ICTtechie Laptop Trolley Chromebook Trolley Computer Suite LapCabby

Computer Suite and Laptop Trolley Installation

Computer suites have been a part of a schools infrastructure for a long time and they often need upgrading or renewing. Some schools have also decided now to replace these suites with laptop or chromebook trolleys. Our ICT Installation for schools service offers a full installation package for computer suites, laptop trolleys or chromebook trolleys whether you just need an upgrade or something completely new!

iPad Installation

iPads and Mobile devices are a hot topic in a lot of schools now. Whether you are looking to invest in iPads, android or windows tablets the process of setting up, managing, integration and distributing these devices is very different to how they would be used at home. We are able to help you out with just part of the process or a complete setup including training. Our ICT Installation for schools service ensures you have the correct hardware and software to make the most of your new iPad or Mobile Device investment including integration with your current ICT systems.

ICTtechie - iPad Installaion iPad Setup Android Tablets Mobile Devices

ICTtechie Bespoke ICT Installation Service


As all schools are different, one solution for all is never an option. If you want something different installing, a combination of the above or you would like to combine installation with our project management/ICT consultation services then please get in touch to discuss the options.


As with everything price depends on what you want. We are happy to discuss many options with you including out of hours or off site installations. If you are interested in discussing your project and would like an installation cost please contact us so we can put together a package for you.